Furnishing Louisiana, Creole and Acadian Furniture, 1735-1835

I just received this rather large publication by the Historic New Orleans Collection from John H. Lawrence, Director of Museum Programs.  The book is 9 3/8″ wide, 12 3/8″ long and 2″ thick while weighing in at 9 pounds, 538 pages and 1500 illustrations most in color.

As it will take some time to get through the written material, the color photographs of the furniture together with historical documents makes for a rather in depth look at early furniture from the Mississippi River Valley.

There were even illustrations of a few painted and grained examples with many having been stripped of their original painted finishes.  I am surprised there are not more painted and grained pieces in their collection.

The exhibit starts Feb 24, 2012 and runs through June 17, 2012.  I will be in New Orleans on April 5th through the 8th to do a lecture and workshop on traditional furniture finishes.  First time I will have been on an airplane in a dozen years, I think I will ship my tools and props so I don’t have problems with security, imagine what steel graining combs look like in a scanner?

Should be fun, never been to Louisiana.


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