Pistol Grip Handsaw – Rip

Having made a copy of this saw in cross-cut [original pictured in Ancient Carpenter’s Tools by Henry Mercer] and enjoying the feel of this saw, together with some old saw blades I have, lent itself to another saw, this one in rip.

I had Mark Schramm make me another hand forged tang to make another saw, he made the first tang.  Using some of the same cherry I shaped the handle using my original cross cut pistol grip saw to make the rough cuts.

While I was cutting the straight parts at the tang, I wished I had the rip saw finished to be able to finish the cuts.  I did all the other parts with the pistol grip cross-cut.  I then found some brass for the ferrule and cut it to length.  I used spokeshaves and rasps and files to shape the handle.  I then used a small oval card scraper to smooth the surface.

I made the square tapered hole in the end-grain using gimblet bits and small chisels to worry out the end-grain until the tang fit properly.  I then used a cold chisel to upset barbs on the tang to hold the tang in the cherry wood handle.  I punched two holes in the cast steel saw blade and fixed the tang to the blade with two soft rivets.  I applied Fish Glue before driving the tang home.

The cherry handle has some suntan on its sides and will eventually turn dark like the first saw.  I used Moses T’s St. John’s Oil to finish and it will be used to maintain the finish of the wood.  I also had to join, set, sharpen and whet the teeth to rip and there are 7 teeth per inch.  I will have to make a new tooth guard for my new rip saw.

If you like this kind of saw and have an old blade [many can be easily cut with sheet metal shears] you can make your own pistol grip hand saw with a hand forged tang, available now at the Store, go to the Tool Section.



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