My Queer Creek Stone has a new home

I bought this a while back at the local swap meet and gave the guy his asking price, something I normally don’t do.  It has remnants of the original Norton Abrasive Co label and I thought it said ‘Queen Creek’, but on doing some research I discovered it was in fact ‘Queer Creek’ and was the name of the stone/quarry from which it comes.

I decided I needed to make a box to hold and protect the stone.  I selected a scrap of pine and chopped out the mortises with a chisel and smoothed out the bottom with a wooden router plane.

There are points at the corners on the bottom to hold it in place on my workbench while I am sharpening or honing.  I used a square cut headless brad, pounded it in then snipped it off leaving a tiny point projecting.  One long nail took care of all 4 corners.

Now I need to make an appropriate box for the fine  Guangxi waterstone that I just acquired.  I want to cut one end off the stone to make an ink stone, then I will make the box.

I will mention my unusual method of sharpening on an oil/water stone in the near future.


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