Book Review Cabinet Construction by J.C.S. Brough

Cabinet Construction by J.C.S. Brough, 1920, 1930 Reprint by Toolemera Press

Gary Roberts has brought another fine publication from the past to today’s market. While this book is later than my field of interest, I did find the book full of useful information for any woodworker.


One of the best parts was one section that concentrated on the backs of furniture, a subject rarely discussed. There is also a section at the end that covers examples of various furniture styles as well as hardware of various periods.


This book assumes that the reader has some woodworking skills as none of the basic material such as techniques are mentioned as it would have already been learned elsewhere. And being an English book the language is easy to understand and it gives names to joints that can help standardize conversations about woodworking.


I recommend you buy and read this book and keep it around as a handy reference.



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